It’s a strange reality to not have enough money to do things, and no real close friends to do things with. In San Diego I always had the Single Parent Groups to do things. Right now I have nothing to do, and the drive down would be a long one back up. It’s a strange reality not having any money again. I used to have more than I need. Now I don’t have enough to keep my life going.

Sadly I am streaming Master of None. I’m feeling a lot like the main character – lost! Not sure what the next move is or if I will find a place for myself in this life. With all the doors closing on me in San Diego all I keep thinking is I will starve to death. Such a sad existence.

At least some of the people at WSC were happy to see me. A couple have been really nice, unfortunately they are in Escondido and are in their twenties. I wish I knew a few people up here that I could hang with. It would be nice to find a few good friends in Orange County, as well as a few in San Diego.

The saddest part is Saddleback SD has thrown me out. Like 3040 they don’t want a guy that can make things happen. I am hoping My Father is closing all these doors because there are doors to be opened soon.

Tomorrow I am volunteering at Saddleback for their relationship conference and as well as the salsa dancing at night. Not sure I will meet many people, but you never know. Might be nice to find a couple of people, but most of the people are women and a few guys. Most of the guys are too young for me. Hopefully I can make a few guy friends and a few lady friends just to hang out and fun with.

We shall see…

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