Seeing people I know and answering a lot of questions is nice. Good to see people interested in my story. The sad part is having to acknowledge Heidi’s anorexia. It’s a dangerous game she is playing – not only with her life but my kid’s live as well.

I don’t think she understands what can happen to the body when organs start to fail. Toxins build up in the bloodstream and then blackouts or seizures can occur. What happens when she is on the freeway and has an episode?

Will that change things or is she just going to kill herself this way?

I’m not sure I can handle watching my daughter go up and down in mood swings with her mom. Last night she was crying because Heidi yelled at her over using her pillows to make a fort in my daughter’s room. That is a very sad state of affair. What kind of mom does that? It’s just a pillow fort…

Today we are fighting over a dresser. She has kept it locked away in my daughter’s bedroom for four years. She claims I could have picked it up anytime, but she has kept it locked away the entire time. As usual, she doesn’t want to acknowledge that she was stealing it. I have proof that she failed to provide it. It’s worth $300, but she refuses to pay for it. Typical she wants three days notice and she will leave it on the curb.

What a brat! Always stealing, and never providing anything of value to the world. My daughter can’t even read, and she wants to live with me so she can learn to read. Mom is too busy yelling at her about nonsense so she can have a party for her church group. It’s not like any of them are real Christians. Adultery, lies, theft and she thinks she is going to get away with this. Soon she will be gone and my children will be safe.

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