Again Heidi is bullying me into giving her the dresser. If I don’t pick it up by mid March it’s her’s. I let her know that if she doesn’t pay me the money she owed me I will get an contempt of court order on her.

She hasn’t responded. Most of me just wants it all to end. I want to make my kids safe, and teach them to love and read and care for others. All the things Heidi can’t do with her illness.

Her anorexia will take her soon. It’s just a matter of time. I hope it comes quickly for my kids sake. My daughter will be crushed, but my son will be safe.

I know it’s wrong to say these things, but after all of the horrors she has inflicted on me and my children it’s time for things to settle down and improve for the little ones. Constantly being yelled at, having their toys thrown away, their money stolen, and absolutely no help on school work puts my kids at a disadvantage.

One day I hope we can all get to a place of peace and normalcy even with a son on the Spectrum.

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