All I am asking for is my stuff. A few dvds, my tools, and a few books which she kept because she wants them. She keeps telling me the “matter is closed.”

I’m sure the message I sent will get her attention. I told her the assets are mine and I have email proof of it. I also told her that I will get the courts and the police involved in her theft, and provide evidence of the violence she inflicted on my children.

If that doesn’t wake her up to the hell that will be coming her way I do not know what will. I have the assets to go to war although I would prefer not to. If I need to sell the condo and move down to school and pay $950 a month for a two bedroom I will. The kids can live with me on campus. My daughter in my room and my son in his. It will be tight, but better safe than sorry.

She cracks me up. She tells me the matter is closed because it’s not in the MSA, but I have emails that prove it. With all this drama I wish she would pass soon so we could move on. The son hates her, and my daughter is learning too. What a horrible mom!!!

One thought on “2/21/18 – Heidi Continues To Lie About Assets

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