I hate having to do this again. This professor is so much tougher than the summer professor. He is actually go out of his way to make my life miserable. He tested everyone on the Lord’s Prayer in Koine, and he made me do the hardest part for over 10 lines. Most people got 2 or 4 lines. I’m not sure what his plan is, but he has already got two people to drop the course. Both of them are older. I’m the next to go.

If I drop I will walk away from this Master’s Degree and do the languages myself. There is still a part of me that wants to make things work here, but I don’t think I will pass the class the way Telfer is teaching it. I think he goes out of his way to flunk older students. I guess I should just try and figure out my life in Orange County. I need help with money and friends. A girlfriend would be nice right now as well.

Part of me is going to get my Cicerone Level 1 and sell beer. That should be easy enough to do. With a little help from my friend at the OCBG I should be able to find a place to work no problem. Just need to get their tax returns done soon.

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