Sitting here and watching my daughter have fun at the birthday party, and I wonder what all the lies that Heidi tells about me. I watch Allison who is Heidi’s friend and I wonder what her deal is. I know she could care less about the truth. She hangs with a psychopath who seems to be getting smaller by the day.

My son is playing Real Racing 3 on the iPad and I am writing this. It is amazing how well she can lie. She lied to me for decades and stole $1.2 million from me. There will be a time where she destroys herself and the rest of us will be safe.

The sad part is I have let my health insurance lapse. That’s a big issue with me. I need the insurance, so now I have to get on MediCal. It’s not optimal, but better than nothing. Maybe I can find insurance on the market?

Now I need to figure out my life. Watching Heidi get away with murder and her boyfriend choking my son is a serious issue with me. At some point in time my son will rebel and kill her. I am sure it will be in front of my daughter and that will be an issue.

It will be a sad day when my ex is murdered in front of my daughter. She will lose a mom and a brother at the same time. I doubt my gentle son would survive in prison. He would probably be raped and murdered. Hopefully, the history of abuse would allow him to be kept in a mental institution instead of prison. That would be a saving grace justified by my Father.

What a horrible reality to be in? I pray that Heidi passes quickly just to make things easier for everyone. There is a disaster waiting to happen, and with any luck, it will happen soon. Sad to have this mindset. I know my Father is not appreciative of it, but the faster she passes the better I can take care of my children.

My daughter can’t read, and the truth of the situation is desperate. After this week’s choking, I am hoping for some intervention. At this point in time, I would allow my son to truly harm Heidi to keep him safe. There is a point in time that Heidi needs to pay for her crimes in this life as well as in the next. The next is guaranteed, but to see justice in this life would be a gracious intervention by my Father

I know her church group loves her, but if they knew her deeds I doubt anyone would stay. She is a horrible human being. What mom would allow her boyfriend to choke her son? What mom cares so little about her daughter that she will allow her to flunk first grade? What kind of mom locks her daughter in her room, steals her money, and throws away her toys as punishment?

There is a time where even I want out of this reality. I pray for my Father to change my heart before everything goes south.

Besides 3040 changes its name, but not its heart. At what point in time does all of this nonsense in San Diego go away.

I guess it never will. The world is a wicked place, and San Diego has no sense of religion or grace. Just a bunch of selfish people who are more concerned with themselves then the truth.

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