After picking up the kids last night, my son tells me that Chris choked him on Monday. The police were called and they chose not to arrest him. I’m not sure I like this reality anymore. It’s time to get the courts and the police actively involved. Chris is not legally allowed to hurt my son.

The police who chose not to arrest him by telling my son that it was night time will have a lawsuit on their heads soon. I know enough attorneys to make this nightmare come to life and destroy Heidi.

No one gets to hurt my son anymore.

Heidi’s insistence that my son is the issue is only a fragment of her mental illness. She is an emotionally unstable person who will conform to anyone that will fuck her. She has no personality of her own as evidenced by her anorexia.

Even the kids told me last nigh that she is getting smaller.

There is a serious problem if Chris is choking my son. I will call CPS today, and my son will tell his teachers on Monday. This will stop soon, and the restraining order on Chris for my children will prevent him from stopping by to fuck Heidi whenever he wants or he will go to jail and see what being gay is really like. I am sure at some point they will both get what they deserve. Right now it is time to put a stop to all of this insanity.

No one abuses my son!

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