I had a $100 gift card from AT&T. I am using it for some index cards, a workout harness, and food. I really need a break from spending right now. I know it will all catch up with me, but for now, I need to spend a little less.

Right now I am still a little under budget. I have $2,200 to spend a month outside of HOA/property taxes/utilities. Right now I’m spending less than $2,000. However, I need to start focusing on saving and not spending. It’s not easy with two kids who need things that make them feel normal. Things their mom does not provide because she would rather spend money on her boyfriend.

The kids need love, and they don’t feel it at her house. My daughter cries when mom works out because she knows she is getting smaller. As she says, ”she’s not a good mom, but she is my only mom.”

The truth is we all just need to slow down and enjoy our lives. There is so much lost in technology and the things we think we desire instead of the things we truly need.

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