Telfer was actually very pleasant about the whole thing. He didn’t try and talk me out of it, but listened patiently as I discussed my sons issues with my ex-wife and her boyfriend. He understood that I needed a little reprieve from the emotional upheaval and actually gave me some pointers for Hebrew and Koine the next two years.

All in all, I probably was over analyzing him in a way that was not healthy for me or him. Thankfully I got to see a tender side to him that I did not know was there. He was very kind, and prayed for me and my children before I left. He can be a very touching individual and caring.

Thankfully I can now focus on the big ticket items and start drilling down into Hebrew for the fall and Koine the next year.

It’s going to cost me a lot, but maybe this is God’s timing? Maybe I just screwed things up, and God will need to figure some things out for me?

Maybe there is someone that will come in next year and we will do the work together? Maybe Catherine and I will end up together, although I doubt I will ever see her again. Time to emotionally transition out of this farce and into something healthy. Let’s hope God has a plan because I never do anymore.

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