I know I should have done more reading this weekend, but my daughter always sleeps in my bed and wakes me up all night long. I have a lot of reading to catch up on, and a couple of tax returns to do. I don’t feel inclined right now. I know I need to get to work otherwise all hell will break soon.

It’s sad to hear how much the kids dislike their mom. I can see my son, but my daughter is now getting closer on board. She always looks to the bright side of life, but there will be a time when life will knock her down. I hope I can raise her with the faith that things will turn out for the best. It certainly didn’t for me. At least not right now.

I don’t think I will ever see Catherine again. I’m sure if I did she wouldn’t talk to me. She has gone to far into 3040 for anything of value. That group destroys almost everything they touch.

They changed their name to the Foundry. I find it funny since so many people are lost there. They don’t know it, but if you put an adulterous couple in a ministry and are unrepentive about it that shows a lot. They throw away the men and keep the boys and wonder why they can’t find a husband.

Heidi seems to lack the basic understanding of how she is treating the kids. She took Chris to a hockey game and then bought a hotel for the night. The kids realize that she spends all her money on him and not the kids. What a sad existence for the kids? She should be taking them to hockey games not her boyfriend, but she never will.

One day I hope to take them back and find a way to take them to the games, and show them a life they don’t know. I hope my Father has a plan or life will be very rustic for me. A simple life is what I have in store for me unless something breaks soon. A little money and a quality woman would be nice in life.

Maybe that’s not what is in my life right now? Maybe it’s all just a pipe dream anyways…

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