I’m streaming LOST again. For some reason, I love this show. I tried getting my stuff back from Heidi but she told me to fuck myself. I hate that she has power over my stuff. She is such a venomous person. So vile and destructive to myself and my kids. I hate to see her dying, but maybe that is for the best.

She destroys more than she creates. She blown up multiple marriages, faked suicides and pregnancies, and turned her high school boyfriend into an alcoholic. I and my daughter eat our emotions, and she starved herself.

The worst part is watching how poorly she treats the kids. Spending all that money on her boyfriend and nothing on the kids. The kids see it, but she is blind. Most likely will stay this way all her life until she passes. Hopefully, that will be soon. Just for the safety of the kids. They don’t need to see any more violence in their little lives.

My hope and prayers are for a quick passing for the kids. Nothing dangerous or violent; just a quick release of her venom and anger to the next life. My Father’s mercy at work in this life.

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