I went down to pick up my stuff today. Sad feeling to be alone doing it. Unfortunately, I fractured my tibia on Monday so I won’t be able to make the race. I’m sure I won’t be healed enough for the 13.1 in June either. Another shirt and grab bag, but nothing to show for it. No meddles or drinks afterwards.

At some point in time I will have to get my health in order. All these broken bones and hip pain, etc is making me stress eat. A lot of junk food without any value for my body. I need to get rid of all this shit in my house and start to understand how my life is going to work. Otherwise I will never get a girlfriend and never get remarried.

After all the hell I have been through most people can’t believe that I want to get remarried. It’s insane to anyone I tell it to. I guess I am just a sucker for something that I want but can’t have. Maybe I should just give it all up?

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