Right now I’m only 300 pages behind in my reading for school. I took care of a couple of things on my list to do, but still have three returns to do this week. Plus I have a lot of the Bible to read. If I get through a hundred pages for the first three days and a few hundred pages of the Bible I should be through everything I need to be caught up.

That will be a nice weight off my shoulders right now. I return a day, working out, and reading will put me ahead of the game right now. That will be helpful to me. I needed the week off to catch up.

I can also start the Hebrew work I need to do in advance of the fall semester. Even if I don’t memorize everything, just a little help in front of the classes will be helpful for me. I just need to get a jump on Hebrew and Koine before I start the classes. That will be a big help since languages are not my strong suit.

At least I feel that I can get to work on what I need to do so I don’t have to worry so much next week.

I also got invited to another 3040 event. I like the people that invite me, but I can’t go. Too many people believe the lies in that wicked group for me to have any fun going. Another opportunity wasted from nice people who are horrible Christians. I wish North Coast Calvary Chapel and Mark Forman would shut it down. It is filled with adulterers, pedophiles, and hypocrites. The church deserves to break the temple and rebuild it without everyone they currently have.

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