I can’t even imagine what is going through this Borderline’s mind. She is again changing the calendar for her own desires. She talks about her phone and other things, but I know it’s for her boyfriend Chris.

What a messed up situation? All she cares about it herself. I can only imagine why the kids hate her so much. They both want to live in that house with me. They don’t want to be around her anymore. They won’t tell her, but I understand their desires. I hated living there too. She is a monster that destroys everything she touches.

I feel bad for the kids. They can’t stand her anymore, and my son constantly complains about how mean she is to her. I know she can’t control it, but destroying your children is not healthy for the kids. Choking my son, locking my daughter in her room, throwing their toys away and stealing their money. I would hate to have to live in that house.

She is a destroyer of lives and families. She has already destroyed two marriages and I suspect a third, but she won’t admit to the third one. She maintains she was faithful after Don, but there was a guy at Qualcomm I suspect she had an affair with as well.

She does not know how to be faithful or loving or kind after a few years. I feel bad for Chris in a couple of years he will hate her too because she will be cheating on him as well, and there goes that relationship.

The only person she has to blame is herself. That must be why she is trying to kill herself with anorexia.

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