I’ve been streaming The Mist. It’s been an interesting horror show. I’m usually not a Stephen King fan, but this has an interesting religious twist to it. There seems to be darkness versus light going on inside the show. At least nature is getting back at the evil inside people.

I guess we all have evil.inside of us!

I went down to Saddleback San Diego yesterday to see everyone. I don’t think I will return much since I can’t get an internship there. Would be nice if they were to get thing straight there, but I don’t think they will.

There is such a need for a Singles Group Ministry, but I don’t see it happening. Everyone of the Pastors is from out of the area and all married. They only see married people. They don’t see all the singles in the community.

Sad to see such a waste. There is definitely a need for it outside of 3040. With their Pastor doing time for pedophilia, and they putting an adulterous couple in the center of the ministry they can’t seem to figure out why they are getting guest speakers. There is no need for a Pastor in a group of hypocrites and Pharisees.

I doubt the group will ever get on strong footing again. However it is the only group my age around. Sad to get thrown out, but it’s better. They are not a healthy group at all. A bunch of angry bitter, people without kids and or families.

This weekend will be with the kids. It will be nice for them to get away from Chris and Heidi. They seem to be getting tired of him hanging around all the time. I know my son hates him because of the choking incident. He also hates his mom for the same things. My daughter doesn’t want her to die, but she also does not want to live with her. She hurts her too much.

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