I reached out to someone I met at Saddleback San Diego. She liked me and thought I was going to ask her out, but she giggled. Women my age don’t giggle – generally. So I stopped and decided not to. She left the church right afterwards, and trashed my reputation right away.

She is an addict, and has a lot of unhealed emotions in her head. I tried to let her know I knew the truth, but she isn’t interested. I get it. She is hurt and I’m the guy that hurt her. However, I am 15 years older than her with two kids. I’m not looking to marry and have more children. She should be smarter than that, but she only sees her pain and how to pass it on to others.

She finally got back to me and sent me wishes of peace. She says she feels at peace, but I heard she was looking for another place to live. I guess there isn’t much peace in her life if she is constantly moving around. I do hope she finds a way to heal herself and become a peaceful person.

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