I was the last person to do my taxes. Tomorrow is the day. You have until the 4/17, but I need to get it done ASAP. I would hate to have to extend and send it in later.

I had the kids this weekend and my daughter loved the puppy petting zoo at church. She named one Jack and wanted to take it home. They are not adopting them right now. Besides I don’t have the money for it. Right now I’m just trying to get through school.

So much for the fun stuff. I’m just trying to get through finals before I have an issue with grades. I would hate to have to repeat the courses, but I will if I need to. A lot of English Bible Survey now is geography. I will need to learn a lot for the quiz and final.

Theology is just a final so I hope I can get through the final without an issue. In the end it will be a struggle to get through all of this. I just hope that God is on my side and will allow me to finish strong. Next week I will try and see Catharine and see if she still has interest in me. If not, once I move to Escondido I will start the process all over again.

The saddest part is now both my daughter and my son want my ex to pass away. My daughter wants a dog, and my son just wants to be safe. It is sad to see how destructive she can be to my kids that they now both want her to pass away. A sad day indeed.

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