Heidi changed the trust document so her brother can sell the house and make the kids miserable. What a destructive force of nature she is! Now the kids will never grow up in that house and will lose all of their friends when she passes. I know she believes she will live forever, but if she seizes on the freeway with the kids in the car all three will die.

I cannot believe that she would punish our children. She is supposed to love them, but she does not love anyone. Not even herself. Why should she? She cheats on everyone, fakes pregnancies and suicides, and emails the wives to blow up the marriages afterwards. She is evil personified.

To destroy the children to get back at herself is vile. What a monster she has become! If there is a God in heaven, he will change her mind or her brother and let us live there for free as the original intent. Otherwise, her family will never see those kids again!

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