She keeps telling the kids she loves them. Hey, they don’t feel it. My son hates her, and my daughter doesn’t trust her anymore. They both know that the house will be sold once she dies.

I tried to let Heidi know that we are all concerned about her continued weight loss. She does not see it. All she thinks about is making Chris happy. If he gets anything out of the estate that would be criminal in my mind. That money is for the kids and if she starves us all because she hates me then she will suffer greatly in hell

Biblical restitution is required for her to gain entry into heaven, but she refuses to pay me back the $1.2 million she stole from me and used me for over a decade while not loving me. Much less the tools, book or DVDs she stole as well. She has no moral construct and punishment is all she has left in her.

She buys her boyfriend and rents her kids out to the highest bidder just to have some time with Chris. Both my kids know she does not love them. Borderline’s don’t love they control, manipulate, and lie to keep things on the outside in order. There is no control inside their minds so everything is manipulating everyone they know through lies and deceit. It’s a sad world. I just hope I can meet someone that brightens my day to marry. Otherwise, it will a long and painful life.

Hopefully, God will write my name on someone’s heart and her name on mine.

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