I’m never gone get out of this world without substantially changing my body. I’ve been really depressed and eating very unhealthy. Tomorrow is the time to get serious about my weight. It’s never going to change until I change.

That’s the rule of life. Without changing nothing ever changes. There is a need to change my health or die earlier than necessary.

As I recover from being with a Borderline, there are a lot of unresolved issues. Weight is how it manifests with me. Heidi kept me unhealthy to control me. Now it’s time to take that last piece from her. She stole my money and a decade of my life. She made me selfish and miserable so she could use me to raise the kids while she worked on her career. Once she started making more money she threw me away. That’s what Borderline’s do. They use people and throw then away. She doesn’t care about people; only herself.

That’s the biggest issue with these types. They only care about themselves. My kids feel it, and they hate her for it. She tells them she loves them once a day and never hugs them generally. That’s what I am about.

One day she will die, and leave us alone to be miserable so she can control the financial assets she stole from me. Another mechanism to destroy the one’s she loves. It’s never about love. It’s always about abuse.

One day Chris will realize he is better off without her. Money be damned. And then Heidi will find herself alone again. Or she will die from anorexia before that happens. I hope he receives nothing from the trust otherwise that would be a travesty.

God only knows, since Heidi lies about everything.

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