My realtor thinks he can get a premium on my condo if we list it in May. By June all of the others will be online. He thinks he can get a decent return on owning it less than a year.

I hope he is right. I could use the additional cash. The problem is it right in the middle of finals, and I won’t have time to pack while I am studying. It appears that there is three month lag time for closing so I should have time to pack and move without issues – thankfully.

I guess the Lord is blessing me with some additional financial backing. I certainly need it right now. My daughter on Skype asked if I had any money. I told I did and would have more once is sold the condo. At least they know I’m not broke.

Heidi still won’t change the trust. I am sure she is trying to make her brother the bad guy in this. But her side of the family will be hurt by it. They won’t see the kids anymore, and I know enough attorneys to get him kicked off as trustee if I need to. If he sells the house the trust will be taxed at a extravagant rate that be does not understand. At least he can then distribute the cash to avoid it if he needs to.

I doubt he would. He is keeping it for himself and his family. I’m sure the trust will drain unless the kids die with my ex-wife. If she takes them with her there will be nothing left for any of us.

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