I spoke with the kids, and Heidi is refusing to change the trust. She tells them she isn’t dying, although we all see her weight loss is still in full swing. Her shorts don’t fit anymore. They are barely hanging on. She tells them her brother will take care of it. I know Mike will sell it so there is more in the trust for him and his sister. She tells them the kids have a right to tell him what to do. Since I’ve done a lot of trust work I know beneficiaries don’t have options. The trustee (her brother) makes those decisions.

It’s sad to see my children realize that she doesn’t love them. If she did she would change the trust so they could live there. I know she is hoping that her brother will be the bad guy. I don’t think she realizes that kids already know she is the evil one.

Last week they both hoped she would die. My son for safety. My daughter for a puppy.

The worst part of my life is seeing all my former friends at 3040 doing things without me. I don’t get invited to as much anymore. They know I live in Orange County, but to see these hypocrites ignore the God they supposedly love and exalt adulterers and pedophiles makes me a little sick.

I guess in San Diego everyone is a hypocrite. I’m not sure I will get a job after school, but as long as I keep my license I can look for work after the break from work.

Hopefully, God has a plan for me otherwise it will be a lonely existence.

One day I shall see my Lord and understand why I went through so much. Hopefully, he has a plan for me or it will be a short ride in life. San Diego really isn’t a town for me right now, but I do have some friends there. More than Orange County right now. Just wish I didn’t miss the events I would like to go to with 3040, but I think I need to rethink how to go about making new friends in the area.

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