I think I might have gotten food poisoning. Not that I am vomiting or diarrhea, I just notice that my stomach is tight and has been for two days. I did go to school today, but skipped lunch with my dad. Just couldn’t eat.

I also missed my call with my daughter last night. Being sick sucks! I am sure she will ask on Sunday what happened? She is an inquisitive little girl.

The nice thing is Audible gave me a free book. So the two books I wanted I now own. One is on Luck and the other is about surviving like a spy. Both seem interesting. I need to learn more about luck because San Diego has not been very kind to me. I keep hoping something will come out of this world, but I’m not quite sure anymore. So many enemies from the woman I won’t date or won’t get back to together with again. So much anger from people feeling slighted.

Right now I am doing a few readings on forgiveness. Something I definitely need around San Diego. So much drama, so little truth…

Hopefully one day all the things will fall into place and work themselves out. I am sure God has a plan, He just hasn’t revealed it yet.

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