As usual, Heidi doesn’t want the kids on Mother’s Day. Her dad died last year around this time so she is balking on the kids. I had to negotiate her time with the kids on Sunday, otherwise, they would not see her on Mother’s Day.

How sad is that? My children’s mom doesn’t want to see her kids on Mother’s Day. I still can’t stand the fact that she doesn’t love anyone but Chris. Her boyfriend is the only thing she is interested in. She doesn’t even give my children healthy meals anymore. She makes them french toast with syrup, and strawberries. Then complains that my daughter is overweight and blames me. She doesn’t even understand that she is the cause of all this. She doesn’t eat much so she thinks the kids do the same.

My son is on so much Ritalin that he burns through everything. My daughter emotionally eats because mom doesn’t seem to love her. No snuggle, rarely hugs or kisses the kids and barely tells them she loves them. What a horrible life they lead?

At some point in life she will die and I will get the house and the kids. I just need to see it through. Submit and endue the trauma until God can restore things properly. One day her brother will try and sell the house and the courts will block it since my son is technically handicapped.

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