I can’t get her to respond, but my daughter tells me that she is not going to work anymore. The number she had is with someone else. The email got bounced back as unknown address.

Heidi’s LinkedIn profile has her personal email address, and I’m starting to stress over her now too. Will she have to move out of state and take the kids? Will she kill herself and make our lives easier? The longer she is unemployed the worse things get for her. Her job was the only thing that she ever really cared about. Money is her god and she only worships mammon.

Now I have to worry about me, her and the kids. I know she is filthy rich, but that will not last long as long as she keeps spending on her boyfriend to stay in connected. At some point he will lose interest and Heidi will be without a man. This is something she cannot live without.

It’s one thing to die at your own hands, but to die starving to death and taking the kids with you is unconscionable. I’ve got emails out to the Tax Partner at PwC that she worked with, but I’m not sure if I will hear back from him. He wasn’t very helpful for me when looking for a job.

I’m still wondering why Heidi is lying to everyone. She should have the courage to figure out what she is going to do soon. I hope she doesn’t leave the state. That would kill the kids. If she did I would have to take over the reality of being a single parent with two kids. That would be good for them, but tough for me. Maybe God can make something good come out of all of this. I sure hope so. Otherwise, it will be a miserable life for all of us.

As usual she is ignoring me. I’m sure she is embarrassed by being let go. I know she tells the kids everything will be alright, but it’s a lie. If she got tossed out of QCOM she will never work in San Diego again. It’s a small town and that means we all get to move somewhere. I’m thinking Austin. It’s a little So Cal in the middle of Texas. I would just need to find some work to make things happen. Besides it’s a smaller economy and less expensive. I bet I could get enough business to survive.

Unfortunately, Heidi is still being someone who is not telling the truth. She would rather go broke than admit she got fired. I doubt she would even know how to acknowledge that truth. It’s not like she knows how to tell the truth anymore anyways.

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