She gets “laid-off” from QCOM and refuses to tell anyone. The next day QCOM has a personnel requisition for a Senior Director of Global Tax. That was basically her function. I wonder if she realizes that they fired her for being a bitch. It’s just her nature. She was horrible at PwC, but profitable so they kept her around.

In industry that shit doesn’t fly if you have bosses that care about people. Obviously, Beth and Steve both thought she was good but quite mean. That gets around town too. San Diego is a small town. Everyone knows everything.

I doubt she will find work in San Diego again. My hope is that she doesn’t have to move to another state and take my kids away from me. I also hope I can find work or get to a place where I make enough money to cover my monthly nut. It’s not easy being out of work so long. I will eventually have to go to a lower title to find work and work for someone else. I hate that prospect, but if it pays the bills I will have to suck it up.

I pray my Father finds a way for me to take care of my kids, or at least my daughter. She needs the love my son doesn’t need it as much on the Spectrum. He’s always inside his head. My daughter on the other hand needs the love she doesn’t get from Heidi.

It’s heart breaking to see my daughter cry because she thinks I will die soon or that there won’t be enough money to feed her and her brother. What a fucked up life this is when you marry and have kids with a Borderline!

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