I found out through a mutual contact that she is reaching out to people for work. I don’t think she will get it making what she was making.

So she blocked me on LinkedIn. So funny. She can’t handle the truth that everyone hates Heidi Wagner.

Right now I’m fighting with God and wondering why I have to starve so Heidi can stay rich. There are lot’s of God’s promises about restoration, and having a hope and a future. For me, it does not seem to be something he is taking seriously. Right now I’m just thinking of abandoning the kids and Heidi and moving far away from this world.

There is no reason to starve to death while she get rich off of my life. She stole $1.2 million from me during my marriage and never loved me after the affair the first year. I’m trying not to get into a war with her, but it is hard. She gets everything and I get nothing. She makes all the money and I get to starve to death. At some point in time I will welcome my starvation. There is not point to life without money or love.

Right now I have neither. I don’t have a job or someone in my life to love or be loved by. Joy has someone, Heidi has someone, Karsten has someone. They all have jobs or money and I have nothing. None of this seems fair. Why does my life have to be destroyed for everyone else to live? Why am I the sacrifice?

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