She didn’t share it with me until it was too late. I don’t like it when she fucks up the reality. There is no need to hide this crap with me. He is my son as well, and I deserve to be involved in this truth.

She just doesn’t think I deserve to be involved in his life. For that matter, either of the kids is none of my business. She is such a bitch. I cant stand that she doesn’t even think about me or my opinion.

My son is dying at school because of the new medicine Heidi put him on. There is no need for him coming off the Abilify. She changes his meds because she can’t handle him anymore with all of her issues. She destroys every life she touches.

I’m getting to the point of just dropping out of California and running away around the world. I could sell most of my stuff and travel for a few years without any real issues. I will miss my kids, but they are already dying with her. Heidi kills everything she loves or loves her. Both my kids what her dead. My son for safety. My daughter for a puppy.

At some point in time my Father will step in and take her life. Then again evil lives forever. I am not even sure what I would do, but making a life outside of this one would be amazing.

It would be tough without my kids. But if I get the job in Austin then I would be able to change my life without a lot of effort.

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