I’m sitting at the mall with my two kids. My son is exhausted and my daughter is making art on a video screen. She keeps trying to make things like the pictures in front of her.

For me, I worked out this morning and am burning more calories today than ever. I had to unfriend another person from 3040 on Facebook. Their arrogance and lying are starting to get to me. They seem to have the belief that they are perfect and the rest of us are not.

I asked her if she knew someone on eHarmony and she reached out to her and she blocked me. I wasn’t thinking of asking her out, but I know better than to talk to hypocrites anymore. Once I loss the weight I may stop by to piss them off.

The problem with them is their reputation is so bad, but none of them know it. They sit in there reality and wonder why the sixth largest church in Same Diego can’t get them a Pastor.

The truth is no one wants to do the job of the Island of Misfit Toys. They have this narcissistic attitude then they look down on others.

At church today it was all about God and prayer. I’ve been praying to my Father for a wife, internship, and a great offer on the condo. I hope something comes in soon. Otherwise, I will be paying for two places without a lot of value. At least I will be able to move stuff without a lot of hassle.

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