I got a 45-day escrow and I heard back from school and the apartment should be finished by then. I have myself an eight-day leeway in case they go over. Which is the usual case with construction? All the apartments were supposed to be finished by June, but they are way behind. Hopefully, everything will work our or I am screwed!

Heidi still won’t talk to me. I think the job loss is affecting her more than usual. It will be sad when she has to move to find a job. I don’t think she will get hired in San Diego. It’s a small town and everyone knows what she is like now. Rumors travel fast down there.

I am praying that God finds an internship for me, as well as a nice woman to marry. Hopefully, someone will come along soon or I will be alone for a while. No one wants to marry a preacher at this age. I get it women want money and security, not God or faith. Sad to see the world become so dark, but that is what is supposed to happen.

Everyone on Facebook or Instagram and wondering why they are not having as much fun as the person in the screen. It’s always about someone else never about themselves. the world has become very narcissistic and very unhappy because of it. Everyone looking to someone else for happiness when it can really be found inside ourselves if we just look. I hope the world figures itself out soon otherwise we are all in trouble.

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