I read slow, so getting a jump on the reading for Ancient Church and Reform Church will be key for me. I’m also not stronger in languages so getting a jump on Hebrew and Koine will be helpful as well.

As usual, Heidi is still lying about not being employed. The kids tell me that she has had some meetings, and when I asked what area of the country she was looking at I got no reply. The crushing of her ego must be hard for her. Her job and money are the most important thing to her and being out of work must be tough for her. She also seems to be getting smaller. That is not a good sign.

Hopefully, she will find work in the area. However, I am not so sure that will happen unless the PwC partners maneuver into something. Her reputation must be muddied. It would suck if the kids left the area and I did not get to see them as often. I am their refuge and release from mom.

One day all things will work out. I just don’t know how. Hopefully, there is a plan and if not I may be starving to death after I graduate. We shall see…

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