I finished one of the last books and started the second one. This is my last one for Ancient Church 1. Then I start on Reform Church. Then I start packing. The home inspection went well, and I just need a termite inspection then I should be reading to call the movers. They did a great job last time, so I will use them again. I just need to find storage and some time to do Hebrew. I need to get caught up.

As usual, Heidi is not telling me where she is going. I don’t know where she is going, maybe LA. I hope not San Francisco otherwise I will never see the kids and they will grow up nervous and anxious without a dad around. I am their only rest and refreshment.

I hope she doesn’t get the job. I know that is selfish, but the kids need me more than they need her. My son doesn’t want to live with her, and my daughter would rather live with dad. I actually help her with homework and school stuff. Mom never does. Heidi is only interested in money and that’s all she thinks about. Her time off from work has been good for the kids, but I know if she moves they will move with her. Such a waste for her to destroy two other loves for money.

I guess there is nothing I can do about it without a job. Heaven help my children.

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