It is so funny to watch Heidi go out of control even over the little things. She isn’t telling the kids she is unemployed, and she isn’t telling them where she is going for an interview. They know she isn’t working since she stays home all the time. Besides I’ve networked with a few people that know she is unemployed.

Such a waste for her to lie all the time. It’s just a Borderline’s way. There is no truth for most people just ego. Such a shame she has to destroy everything she touches. I feel bad for the kids. Neither of them wants to live with her, and I don’t have the financial means to go through a lengthy court process.

She will get the kids and move away and find herself under a really hard position. She will ignore the kids for work and reap what she harvests. She cannot control her mind or her anger and that will destroy the kids. There is no way around it. Once she moves they will be left to their own destruction, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Such a waste of two children. She doesn’t love them, especially my son and he knows it. He doesn’t want to go with ”the evil one.” I guess that is what happens when you choke your son and allow your boyfriend to choke him as well. Such a sad state of affairs. My only hope is she bombs the interview and doesn’t get the job. The longer she is unemployed the more weight she will lose and the worse things will get in that house. Her ego cannot take the pain much longer!

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