I sent her a message through TalkingParents.com and she refuses to acknowledge that she had a job interview. Maybe she just doesn’t know if she got the job?

It will suck for the kids since neither of them want to live with her. I’m not sure where she will go, if she gets the job but the kids will be crushed. My son believes she hates him and why not she has choked him three times and allowed her boyfriend to choke him. My daughter fears for her safety when she is left alone with the two of them. There is a lot of violence in the house and she always locks my daughter in her room. Heidi actually holds the door closed as she hurts my son.

There is never a safe moment over there. They are always on edge because Heidi can’t control her own emotions. When she is out of control then the kids become traumatized with the results.

Heidi doesn’t care. The only thing she cares about is control and she doesn’t have any right now. When she sells the house she will make a mint off of my life, but she doesn’t because it’s power for her. It’s always about money and her ability to wield it. Right now she has no power except to manipulate the kids and her boyfriend. Then again once she moves she will never have another boyfriend and no one to control but the kids. How sad is that?

She doesn’t care. Heidi only cares about power and money. So sad to see her destroy everything she touches without mercy or care. She only wants to destroy herself since she hates herself. That’s why she lies all the time. Just like Joy at the Foundry. Always lying to protect and ego that does not exist.

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