Heidi went to a concert and took the kids. So she didn’t get to call me on Sunday. As usual, Heidi cares more about herself than she does her children. This always happens. She only cares about herself and no one else. At some point in time she knows that the kids don’t want to live with her, but for her, it’s a money issue. As long as she has the power that’s all she cares about. At some point in time, all hell will break loose in that house if she doesn’t die soon.She keeps getting smaller and smaller. At some point in time, her anorexia will get the better of her and things in her life will change dramatically. Whether that is death or has some permanent health issue, she will regret giving Chris so much power to destroy her life. At some point in time, she will destroy everything in her life. That’s what Borderline’s do. They destroy everything in their lives since they don’t love themselves or anything else in the world. I hope she finally gets help, but I know that will never happen. Her narcissism will get the best of her and she will destroy everything she touches. That’s just the way life goes I guess. Nothing I can do but move forward in life and not look to the past anymore.

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