So I pick up the kids and they tell me mom is working out like a mad person. She is using her sister-in-law for help since she owns a gym with yoga and other equipment. She has gone from C cups to A cups upstairs and there is no butt left to look at. It’s as if she has given up on life and is desperate to get out of it. My daughter asked me who would take care of them if she died and I said I would. That would certainly screw up my life, but at least they would be safe. They are not really safe right now, but that would force me into some sort of reality shift. I doubt I would date or be able to find help other than family since my son is on the Spectrum. That would change a lot of my needs for money unless I can convince my former brother-in-law to allow us to live in that house. I could go to court and get the sale blocked since my son is handicapped in this state. However, that would cut into my savings. I am sure I would make it back in free rent.In the end I can’t change her and she cannot change me. I guess I will prepare the kids for the eventual outcome and make sure there is a true transition once it happens.

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