She sends a paper for me to sign to allow Chris access to medical records for my son. In retaliation, she denies me a concert. This is the Borderline’s way. She doesn’t get what she wants so she hurts those around her. It’s typical of her. She hates herself and the world so she destroys everything in her wake. She can’t help it. It would be nice if she finally passed away from anorexia. It would be safer for the kids and myself.My life would change, but the kids would be safer. That’s the important thing. They are not safe with her, and all this animosity is destroying any chance of any type of real coparenting. She cannot stand when she doesn’t get her way, and therefore she takes it out on me.One day she will pass away and my world will change and so will the kids. As long as she doesn’t take them out to, everything will be fine. One day all this will come to an end and she will be in hell and the rest of us will go on with our lives.

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