Every time I see her she keeps getting smaller. She has hired her sister-in-law to help get her smaller. I wonder why Sarah would help her die? She must see her as already anorexic, knowing what healthy people look like. I know I am a few pounds overweight, but hopefully, I will be at a healthy weight soon.

Every time I see Heidi she is getting worse. At some point in time, she will have a massive heart attack and die right in front of the kids. There is only so much fat that Heidi can take off before there is nothing left. She used to have C cups, but now there is nothing left but skin and nipples. That is not healthy. She has no butt anymore and at some point in time she will die and leave the kids to me.

I just pray that God will save my kids and not allow her to take them with her when she dies. There is always a possibility that she will have a seizure on the freeway, is she will faint while driving the car and run a red light.

One day there will be a serious problem if she doesn’t get help. Part of me thinks she is trying to die on purpose. If I had all those horrible memories in my head I would want to die too.

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