I love how she pretends to be a Christian. She lets her boyfriend fuck her whenever he wants, and she always pays for the dates. He never pays for anything. She faked suicides, faked pregnancies, had affairs and faked pregnancies on those guys as well. Then she emails the wives to destroy the marriages.

She uses me for a decade of not loving me and using me to raise the kids while she works on her career and then throws me away after she starts earning more money. Her boyfriend only uses her for sex and money just like she used me. He doesn’t love her nor will he ever care about her. He actually makes her anorexic and is destroying her life. She is dying inside since she told me The only person that made her feel loved was me. I can see why she wants to die. There is no one that makes her feel loved anymore and she hates her kids.

My son hates her and my daughter isn’t that interested in being with her. They both want to live with me and they both want her to die. It’s sad when everyone on earth doesn’t want her in her life. My kids don’t. Qualcomm doesn’t want her. Chris is only using her, and I can’t stand to see her dying because she can’t have what she wants which is to be loved.

That’s the biggest issue with Borderline’s – they hate everyone and mostly themselves since they destroy everything of value to themselves. One day she will die and the world will be relieved, but my life will change dramatically.

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