The movers did a good job, but it was pricey. AT&T comes tomorrow for the cable and the Internet. My kids will desperately need it. I will also get my car washed and waxed tomorrow as well as get some reading done and start Hebrew.

It’s tough on the kids. It is hot out here and there is always a lot of little kids around, but not so many their age. I hope they enjoy the time here. I will be spending a lot of time studying and working out otherwise no one will date me. I would still like to get married again.

I just hope my children don’t die by their anorexic mother. She keeps getting smaller and I don’t like the look of her anymore. She is getting really small and that is totally unhealthy. At some point in time she will have a heart attack and either kill herself or everyone in the car when it happens. I hope my kids are not around when it does finally take place.

It’s a scary thought to have to bury your children before you die. It’s a dramatic event that I do not relish. I would rather pass asay then let them die, but I can’t change Heidi. She is determined to get out of this world what she put into it – nothing. She took from everyone and destroyed everything of value for a sociopath. Part of my wishes her dead, but the other part wants my children to live.

We shall see how things progress. I don’t what the future will hold!

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