As usual a Borderline can’t be alone. She got Chris to come up to San Francisco. I’m sure to replace the memories of her and I up there. Typical, she starved herself for him and I am the bad guy. She has sex with him in front of my kids and they don’t seem to notice. She gets an extra room for her and Chris and leaves the kids alone in a different room.

Typical shit from her. She cares so little of the kids that she is willing to destroy her relationship with them for a boyfriend who is only using her for sex and money. Some days I wonder what is going through her mind that she would abandon her children for a guy who is just using her.

He also the guy telling her to lose weight and this is going to end poorly for her. Maybe even for my children? If she has a heart attack in the car with the kids there then they all die. That would be a disaster for me.

I can’t change the world, but I can pray and ask God to spare my children. But I can’t change His mind. I can only let things happen as they will. What a waiting game?

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