I buy my daughter a backpack for the new school year, and Heidi won’t pay me back for it. Typical of a Borderline they steal from everyone and destroy everything in their lives. She stole my son and daughters money and then hid fake bills in the piggy banks.

I just can’t understand why she won’t pay me. It’s her responsibility to pay for the school stuff, but since she is unemployed she is stealing from me and the kids. How sad is that? She can’t even do the right thing with me or the kids because she is selfish. Lost and alone and with no one wanting to be with her except for money and self. Things she freely gives away to not be alone right now.

There is something desperately tragic with her. She can’t keep a job, can’t find a new one and does not seem to care about my kids. One day she will die and I will either sue the estate or take over the trust with the kids. I hope they don’t die with her. That would be tragic. The fact that I have documentation or her anorexia is enough evidence to liquidate the estate if she kills my kids with her.

I can’t change her I can only change myself. One day things will be better, but I don’t see that happening soon. Nothing but tragedy in the future until something breaks for my benefit. Maybe that will never happen in my life?

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