She won’t pay for clothes for the kids. She spends all her money on her boyfriend who is just using her for money and sex. Like Don Stone, she is just being used. As a Borderline she needs companionship all the time.

I have let her know that if she keeps this shit up I will sue her for the kids and she will be paying me 17% of her fictitious salary. The courts are not interested in hypotheticals. She owes and she owes and she Wil never see the kids again after everything they have been through.

She stole my son and daughters money while replacing it with fake money. This is insane. She got a black eye the week after vacation because she wouldn’t buy my son a remote control car even though he has the money to buy it. My son believes that he had a right to buy it, but Heidi decided that he wasn’t allowed to buy it. She deserved the black eye after treating my son that way.

She never takes care of the kids. They haven’t had new clothes in over a year except for shoes. She uses her money on Chris because she can’t be alone and Chris uses her for the money and sex. One day she will die from her anorexia and he will never see her again.

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