This little girl goes off on me again because I took my son to the carnival at his school. Heidi wasn’t going to take him. She was too busy with her loser boyfriend who works at Lyft to do anything. I told her if she ever did that again I would have her arrested for violating the court order.

She told me she would have me arrested for not picking the kids up on time. I kept my son on school grounds and took him to the carnival. I doubt anyone is going to be upset about it – especially the cops when they laugh at her about the call.

At least I have four more cryotherapy sessions left. That should save me a little money. I did one yesterday. Man it is cold when you start to get a sense of just how cold it gets in there.

They raised the prices to $250 per ten. That changes the monthly cost for me. I still need to find medical and dental insurance. Otherwise if something happens I’m toast.

At least I’m not Heidi. She is angry bitter and mean. I can’t believe Chris stays with her except she pays for everything. He is such a loser to stay with someone for the money.

Even my kids hate her now. I don’t think are many people in this world that care about Heidi anymore. She is so rude, mean, and destructive that no one cares about her anymore. My kids even said that they wished she was dead so that they could be free. That’s the cost of living with a Borderline. You are never free until they are gone.

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