What a whore? I can’t believe she would do such a thing. I guess that’s the abuse that BPD’s like. It’s not a healthy choice since none of them wore condoms.

At some point in time she is going to get HIV and then kill both of my children. This is why I want to leave the state. In California, a child has a right to a sibling over the parent. I can see take both of them away from Heidi. She does not love them or wants them. She destroys the children by never being home. They have a better relationship with the babysitter then with there mom.

That’s the saddest part. She is going to die one day and kill both of my children. I don’t want to be around for that. She is going to get HIV and destroy both of my children. That’s the biggest problem! She does not love them and cannot stand them at all. She hates my children because they interfere with her abuse. That’s the saddest part of BPD. She destroys everything and keeps nothing whole.