11/12/15 – She Pushed Him Too

So I had the kids last night and there was a lot of “wants” and “compromises” between the two. Daughter is really getting into the “it’s not fair” related to Sons decisions.

The tough part was trying to get Son to tell his teachers and school psychologist what Hunter did last Thursday. Son reinacted the whole thing and then and that’s when he told me that after she pulled his hair she grabbed him hard  by the arm and led him to his room and then pushed him in the back so hard that he fell on the floor of his room. He physically acts out the entire scene in front of me and his sister. This breaks my heart that. No one should have to go through this, and everyone believes little Hunter being lied and debased by me for the kids.

Amazing how she texts me his meltdowns are normal and how exactly he can retell the story with her insanity built into it. I had to go through this for a long time before I had the courage to confront her. For me it was about Chris, but now I know it’s just her mental illness. And of course Jessie and New Haven did nothing but cover up the abuse for the sake of the “mom.”

Unfortunately Son started shaking and rocking on the floor when I told him to tell his teacher and psychologist. He told me his fear was they would not believe him and not like him or help him. I assured him they would, but like a battered person he won’t speak up.

I guess I am there too. Too afraid that they would make him a ward of the state before giving him to me and that would destroy him. He doesn’t deserve that either. I pray he keeps it together enough so that when he get strong he will tell the truth and allow God to set him free to come home to me and live in a safe place.

I bought the house in a safe neighborhood and the best district and close to the top elementary. It’s close to my work and a block from a park and a pool. We wouldn’t live rich, but he would be loved and safe. Right now love to him is getting ice cream and a movie. When he is older he will know it’s a warm smile and always being there for him without fear of yelling or physical abuse.

I hope my prayers are answered for his sake or at least Hunter gets the help she needs to stop hurting him. As he gets bigger he will become the abuser if she keeps this shit up. By then there won’t be much I can do.