2/4/19 – Thinking About Moving To Austin

There is a point in time where you really need a break from the insanity. My son ran off again yesterday for no reason at all. My daughter is turning into a Histrionic, and I don’t have many friends here in Escondido.

There is a time when healing is more important than now. Heidi is a whore who has pictures on porn sites and she doesn’t seem to care. I know she is a Borderline because having her boyfriend is more important than anything else in the world. She ignores my children and never is home during the week. She has church groups and yoga. Anything to get her to die sooner is welcome in my life.

I know she is anorexic and will die soon, but there is a point in time where the advice of my professional counselor comes in handy. Ben dated a Borderline as well, and finally gave up a great business for healing. Maybe it’s time I leave the state and let Heidi deal with the kids all on her own. I know Chris will drop her like a bomb so he can grab someone else.

I know she is cheating on him, and he is cheating on her. It’s a weird reality that they don’t seem to care. He dates her for money and sex, and she is a Borderline so she doesn’t want to be alone.

At some point in time I need to find peace in this life and serve God somehow. I don’t know when or where, but there is a Triune God and he desires my life for his glory. At some point in time I need to heal and leave this wonderful state for someplace where she cannot get to.

9/10/16 – She Goes Off On The Principal

As usual when Hunter has a personal agenda for the night (PTA) all hell breaks loose. My son has a breakdown because he wasn’t prepared for his nanny to do the drop off to my house. So I end up driving over there and he stays with his mom. I get my daughter 1:1. 

My ex tells me that she told him, but I’m sure it was off topic. I get there and she is sitting in the driveway and my son is yelling at her. I get there, give him a hug, and ask if wants to go with me or stay. He wants to stay, so I take my daughter and go. 

So strange to see her pretend to be the peace keeper when I know she did it subconsciously. Anything for drama. Just another day in the life of a Borderline. At some point in time I’ve got to get away from all this insanity. Between Joy and Hunter there is no free time for the good life.

One day I am sure God will help me find a way out, but it will take some time. Or I will learn to ignore the insanity and work around them. I’m sure that is the better choice over walking away. Another wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in this world. How amazing this world can be? At some point I will own this world and walk free of the insanity I’m surrounded by.

If I’m not too busy I may end up going to a single parent Meetup with a couple of the asses that I walked away from several months ago. It’s a dance night. I just need to stay away from one of my old DTF’s. That would set off some issues that would be bad. Scott is still a predator, but he is dating Michelle. Maybe that would be enough for him to leave me alone. If they broke up then he will target me because he’s an ass. Always having to be a douche because he has nothing better to do with his pathetic little life. Always trying to be something he’s not – human.

Then again I may have work to do since I have my daughter. We shall see…

Wow. I just read the email my ex sent to my son’s principal, and needles to say she is in rare a rare form of bitch over my son’s general education mainstreaming. His 3/4 combo class got cancelled due to enrollment issues. He was supposed to go into a 4/5 combo, but the teacher has not started at his school yet. Mind you my ex is on the PAT so she sees these people on a regular basis. Now she is becoming the raving bitch I know her to be. This never looks good for us when she gets involved. She thinks it makes her look good and caring. I knew it makes her (and by extension my son) crazy. Crazy it’s never good with a son with special needs.

I also got four texts from her last night about my son and him calming down and they are registered to walk a 5K for autism today Saturday. I hope it’s early in the morning and cool otherwise it will be a nightmare flute both of them. Can’t change her crazy. What should I expect from a woman who cheats on everyone, fakes pregnancies, fakes suicides, and tells me it was wrong to marry me but right to cheat on me. Love this crazy religious people… Nothing but greed and selfishness!

Glad I’m not a religious nut. Few people every see that side, but I do talk about it a lot. People know but I never force it on others. I always reference my journey never theirs. Show his love from the inside out never the outside in.