9/30/17 – Heidi Is Kicking My Son

I just heard that Heidi was kicking my son when he was down on the ground protecting himself. He was scared to tell me, and my daughter confirmed the abuse. It happened on Tuesday, so any bruises that might have been there are gone. No way to get CPS involved without proof.

The sad part about all of this is how messed up these kids are. My daughter hates her mom and wants to live with me. My son doesn’t want to live with my daughter because it aggregates him. Heidi wants to institutionalize my son so she doesn’t have to deal with him anymore.

All I want to do is protect them and get the hell out of dodge. I hate to see my kids in pain, and my ex-wife is a monster.

I also got a small box with my LOST DVDs and my USC bank. No other DVDs or tools. She just keeps what she wants. I know God wants us to be merciful. At the same time He is supposed to enact his vengeance on our behalf. In my life it never comes. I hope I get more for the house and pay less for the condo and can get some excess cash to fight this battle.

The worst part is I found one of the pillows on my couch damaged. I wish that they would not destroy my stuff, and destroy Heidi’s. They are scared to. One of these days God needs to start following through with His vengeance on my ex-wife before all hell breaks lose. This insanity has to end soon before my kids become all fucked up in the head.