3/7/19 – Now I See Both Kids In The Neighbors Window

I am not sure if the demons are messing with me or there really is an omen. I would hate to see both of my kids die soon. That would be a tragedy. Heidi does not seem to care about herself or the kids. It’s like they don’t exist in her world.

That’s the saddest part, my son knows she hates him, and my daughter only knows she loves her a little bit. They both know I love them a lot, and I would hate for both of them to die soon. That would be a tragedy of epic proportions.

It would suck having to identify my children bodies, and having to bury them. That would totally suck at my age. I don’t what I would do then.

Maybe I’m just stressed and that is the issue. Heidi seems to be going off the rails, and does not seem to care about her kids. That is the sad part, she has no idea of how destructive she is to my kids. No one wants to grow up unloved!