10/15/18 – My Son’s IEP Meeting

It cracks me up that she is constantly looking at me in the meeting, but never before or after. It’s a game she like to play so that people feel we are on the same page. The saddest part is seeing the skin around her neck hanging down like an old person.

Today I am meeting with a recruiter for a job opportunity next Monday. I’m scared, but excited to see what the world has to offer. I know I have God’s heart and can read people without a lot of effort. That should help me in the future. I know people like people who are kind. My only issue is if Heidi dies I may never marry again. There are not a lot of people who are interested in taking care of a kid on the Spectrum and a daughter that has dyslexia.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and I need a lot of help to take care of the kids. This isn’t a fair life, but if I make it through to the end then maybe my reward will be there.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

I guess I will never know the truth until it ends, and then it will be too late. At least I have a faith that believes in love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy. There are not a lot of people that feel that way about my faith. Most people are just hypocrites. They are bitter and mean and vengeful. That’s the reality at The Foundry at North Coast Calvary Chapel. Adulterer’s, Power Idolators, alcoholics, and drug users. No wonder God walked away from them a long time ago.

4/4/18 – Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

It’s hard to take a week off and start rolling into school. The prayer group was small as everyone is studying for Medieval Reformation mid-term. I’m just asking for a little healing on my shin.

There is a lot going on that I need to get done. Some reading, some studying, and a couple more tax returns, including mine.

I keep thinking about my kids. I know my son wants his mom to pass so he feels safe. My daughter just wants to live with me in that house. She doesn’t want me to move again. All I can think of it’s a lot of changes for them. New rooms, new people, new places. But it’s closer to school and the kids, and we can go places around town that will make them happy. Plus less driving for everyone.

I just a little relief from everything for a few weeks and then everything will soon come to pass.

I got invited to another 3040 event. Probably won’t go. There are not a lot of good people in that group. I would rather study then deal with the drama that group exports to everyone around them. A bunch of people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with no kids and never married should show you what drama they are. Then to put an adulterous couple in the center of a ministry is a serious issue that Mark Foreman and NC3 seem to be ignoring. I’m not sure I would allow those people in my church in a public adulterous relationship. Besides they already have issues with the group because of Tague.

Buz told me he never got a single resume from an established Pastor in San Diego. Nothing but interns. If that is not prima facia evidence of a serious reputation issue I don’t know what is.

I guess ignoring the problem is better then solving it. I think differently. The only way to get a new Pastor for them is to clean house.

3/25/18 – Moving Through The Homework

Right now I’m only 300 pages behind in my reading for school. I took care of a couple of things on my list to do, but still have three returns to do this week. Plus I have a lot of the Bible to read. If I get through a hundred pages for the first three days and a few hundred pages of the Bible I should be through everything I need to be caught up.

That will be a nice weight off my shoulders right now. I return a day, working out, and reading will put me ahead of the game right now. That will be helpful to me. I needed the week off to catch up.

I can also start the Hebrew work I need to do in advance of the fall semester. Even if I don’t memorize everything, just a little help in front of the classes will be helpful for me. I just need to get a jump on Hebrew and Koine before I start the classes. That will be a big help since languages are not my strong suit.

At least I feel that I can get to work on what I need to do so I don’t have to worry so much next week.

I also got invited to another 3040 event. I like the people that invite me, but I can’t go. Too many people believe the lies in that wicked group for me to have any fun going. Another opportunity wasted from nice people who are horrible Christians. I wish North Coast Calvary Chapel and Mark Forman would shut it down. It is filled with adulterers, pedophiles, and hypocrites. The church deserves to break the temple and rebuild it without everyone they currently have.

2/19/18 – More 3040 Drama

One of the members of 3040 contacts me about Tague. She has done this before, and she was generally kind to me when I knew her. So I answer her questions.

Then she sends out an email and people in 3040 are giving her grief over the email. The news reports state that Tague pleaded guilty to two counts of pedophilia. The San Diego website states that there are three counts that he will be sentenced for. Most of the news sources are still stating that he will get 10 to 20 years +/- time served and potential for parole.

Then again anything in 3040 is always drama. I sent her pictures of the San Diego website and let her know that people are angry with Tague and not her. In the end she understood. She is a kind person. I hope her tribe doesn’t give her too much insanity.

That’s the problem with 3040. They always blow up over nonsense. They put adulterers in the center of a ministry and wonder why 9 months later the fifth largest church in San Diego can’t find a Pastor for them.

No one wants to do the job, and lead the island of misfit toys.

The strangest thing is most of the people don’t have kids. At least 85% don’t. The few who do generally leave the kids with parents to party with the group. How sad is that? They could care less about the children. Then again Heidi does the same thing.

My son hates her and doesn’t want to live with her. My daughter doesn’t like her, but loves her because she is “mom.” There does not seem to be much relationship between her and the kids anymore. My daughter can’t even read and Heidi doesn’t seem to care.

How sad for my daughter? If she flunks first grade what will happen to her? She will be overweight, and unliked and called stupid. Two weekends ago she told me she wanted to live with me so that I could teach her to read. Maybe God has a plan to unite all of us again…

2/17/18 – Deconstructing – Tague Is Sentenced

I’ve been thinking about Thursday a lot. Matt is going to get between 10 and 20 years. His family was there and they were crushed, obviously. For a Pastor to do such a thing is vile. To watch his family get crushed is horrific. The woman I was sitting with thought he didn’t get enough. She is probably right, but as a Christian her heart should be more interested in the aftermath then justice.

Christ always asks for mercy, forgiveness, and love – in reverse order. Typical NC3 3040 she held none of these things in her heart.

I’m starting to wonder what am I doing at Westminster. Will I become like a lot of these San Diegan Christians and pretend to be something that isn’t real. Will I do any good in this world down here. I’m not sure anymore. I just hope at some point in time I can do something that matters to someone.

I’m not sure the opportunity will come at my age. I don’t have a retirement. I don’t have a cash flow source. I’m just wondering around trying to figure out what my Father has for me, and nothing seems to be working out for me. Maybe I’m not cut out for this life? I don’t think I’ll ever get remarried as a Pastor. I won’t earn enough to do so. The one person I wanted to date in 3040 won’t even talk to me anymore.

That group is destructive. Maybe that’s why they don’t have a Pastor after 9 months? No one wants the job. The island of misfit toys put an adulterous couple in the center of a ministry and burned it to the ground. I guess that is what should have happened. I wish North Coast Calvary Chapel would fix the problem, but I don’t think Mark or Buz care at all. I think they are tired of the drama and don’t want to fix anything. I’ve reached out to Buz and we’ve talked, but I can tell he isn’t interested in being part of the solution. Too much work and drama.

It’s easier to leave broken things broken then to take the time and energy to fix things.

Sad to see this world this way – even in Christian circles. People wonder why Calvary Chapel is collapsing under its own weight. They don’t see to have enough heart to fix what is broken anymore. People are too old, and uninterested in doing the heavy lifting.

Maybe I will starve to death on this route? Maybe after all of the destruction that has befallen me; my Father taking me home would be a blessing.

I really just need to focus on classes and the couple of returns I have to do. Maybe there is some value in that?

2/2/18 – Email From Jennifer

I get this email today from Jennifer about wine club. How it’s the 3040 tribe, and I’m making stuff in my head. Balboa trip included Joy so why lie about it?

I always find it strange that people often project blame when the tribe is rotten. They support adultery, fornication, lies and deception. Eight months and the 5th largest church in San Diego can’t get a Pastor to replace Tague. 3040 thinks I’m the problem. With all the drama of the group, they should be more concerned with the reputation of the group instead of talking about me.

The inward focus is difficult for people. It makes you analyzer your own beliefs and see where you stack up against them. 3040 does not seem to understand that San Diego has already judged them as not Christian. The tribe insists it is Tague’s reputation. I know they are wrong.

At least I can be free from the drama now. Knowing they have no discernment or wisdom in the group. If they did they would have kicked out the adulterers and kept good men in the group. Instead they have boys and girls who are not quite healthy. A lot of sexual abuse in the group, and few people healing from it.

Finally glad to be out. Now I can focus on other things. Including school starting next week.

2/1/18 – Kicked Out Of Wine Club

I find it amazing that Jennifer said I’m the drama. All this from an organization that calls itself Christian, but worships adultery, fornication, lies, and deception. Buz stopped working with 3040 for all the drama and she has the nerve to say I’m the issue. Needless to say I unfriended a few people in 3040. I can’t be waiting around for people who are actually hypocrites and Pharisees to be nice.

So much of the San Diego Christian community seems to be upside down. Maybe it’s just Calvary Chapel I have issues with. The lead pastors seem to have a lot of information, but their world is with more services in a church than Christians.

I guess it’s true, the world hates you when you are not part of it. Seeing how many people claim a religion that they don’t practice is sad. Better to just be honest with yourself and say the weeds of the world are more important than the truth.

I hate getting on my soapbox but after so many years of being thrown away in San Diego, I would like a little reprieve from the discard pile. I still can’t seem to understand why my Father wants me down here? Everyone hates me and I doubt I will get what I need as an internship to graduate.

Maybe this is all in my head? Maybe I’m late onset schizophrenic? Maybe I should just travel for a year and spend my money like it’s the last year of my life.

I know my kids need me so I stick around. There is a part of me that daydreams about being free from my kids and Heidi and 3040 and San Diego.

Maybe my next mission in life is losing the weight and travel after seminary. I have enough in my 401(k) and selling the condo I could travel for a long time unless there is a global collapse.

I still keep thinking about the Catherine. The spirit said I would marry her. Maybe I’m just insane, but I doubt I will ever see her again. If I did I doubt she would talk with me after all the lies of Joy, Gina, and Karsten.

What a fucked up life I’m leading…